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About Hy-Mac

We Hy-Mac Packaging are Jumbo Bag manufacturer also known as Bulk Bag. It’s technical name FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. We are committed to serve all your Jumbo Bag (FIBC) requirements. We will always work to identify and implement any cost saving opportunities still maintaining quality of Jumbo Bag (FIBC).

Infrastructure is growing at a phenomenal rate in India and Cement being the basic raw material offers a huge potential as more and more manufacturers start to adapt bulk transportation that will facilitate cost savings, practical advantages as a result of lesser unit cost of packing and substantial reduction in wastage Read More…

Why Jumbo Bag (FIBC)?

We are Jumbo Bag manufacturer located near Anand, Gujarat, India. It’s respective name Bulk Bag or Technical name FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. It is made of high strength polypropylene material. FIBCs are used for transportation of different materials from 200 Kg to 2000 Kg. It has integrated system of Lifting, Filling and discharging. Factors that have made fastest growing market of Jumbo Bag are as follows:

  • Bulk material storage
  • Low manpower require and ease of handling
  • Ease of packing material and transporting
  • Time saving
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Environmental advantage –pollution free
  • Closed loop operation –no contact with material in process
  • Increased Productivity
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